Our Values

To provide a therapeutic service to child victims of sexual abuse that is tailored to their unique individual needs taking account of their race, heritage, religion, gender, age, ability, beliefs, sexual orientation, and their wishes. We aim to help these children and young people overcome their trauma and confusion by helping them understand what has happened to them, giving them tools to overcome difficulties, and teaching them to identify their strengths and potential.


We aim to support the family:

  • By giving information, guidance, and advice to the parent of the child to enable them to be a supportive parent who can help their child heal and become emotionally stronger
  • By helping the supportive parent cope with their own emotional responses
  • By looking at the needs of the siblings and offering a service appropriate to their needs
  • By engaging in preventative work to safeguard children from being abused
  • By liaising and working closely with other agencies involved

Our Vision

To ensure all children and young people who are victims of sexual abuse/exploitation have the opportunity to access help, advice, guidance, and therapeutic intervention to aid their recovery.

To ensure that every child has the right to a childhood free from sexual abuse.

Our Values

  • Well being

  • Confidence

  • Humanity