Harmful Sexual Behaviour

 Working with children with sexualised behaviour

We work with children and young people who display harmful sexual behaviours, including those with reactive, problematic and abusive sexual behaviours. Elements of this service may incur a charge, this will be made clear in the suggested treatment plan.

There are many reasons why children and young people may display sexualised behaviour, we are aware however that this is only one aspect of their lives and throughout our assessment process we look at the whole child. We gather information from the child or young person, their parents/carers and other agencies to complete a holistic assessment of the young person’s needs and concerns about their sexual and non-sexual behaviours.

If required, and for a charge, we can complete assessments using the AIM assessment models, which offer evidence based tools that can be used to begin to consider the level of supervision that is required for the young person as well as their developmental and intervention needs.

It may be recommended that the young person requires further therapeutic support and focused help in addressing their thoughts, feelings and behaviours that relate to their sexualised behaviours. Support in this area could enable the young person to achieve and maintain avoidance of repeating these behaviours in the future. Focused work with the young person will be tailored to their ability and needs.

Our criteria for working with children and young people with sexualised behaviour :

  • The child or young person must be in agreement where appropriate.
  • The young person must be under the age of 18 years at the time of the referral.
  • The child or young person must not currently be subject to open Police Investigation/Court proceedings regarding their behaviour or must not be subject to a Referral Order.
  • The environment in which the child or young person lives must be safe enough for therapeutic work to begin.
  • The child or young person must have a safe adult to support them whilst they undergo any assessment or further work.
  • The child or young person must live in an area for which we are funded; currently Ipswich and surrounding area.
  • A safety plan needs to be in place regarding contact with other children

Click here to download the Harmful Sexual Behaviour Referral Form