What Other Parents Say

‘Not sure what we’d have done without Fresh Start new beginnings support…’ Mum attended a Parent Group 2015.

‘I feel very humbled hearing what other parents have had to cope with…’ Mum who attended a Parents Group 2016

‘I wasn’t at all sure about coming to the parent’s group, I was just angry and felt very low and wasn’t coping with anything. I didn’t know what to expect, but I’ve gained so much confidence, support and learned a lot from other parents; I feel able to help my daughters move on and understand more about how to help them…’ Dad attended a Parent Group 2015.

‘For the first time since my son told us about being sexually abused I felt people understood how I felt and I could talk to them without feeling awkward or being judged. It made me feel stronger and more able to cope…’ Mum who attended a Parent Group in 2015

‘I wish I’d known about Fresh Start new beginnings a lot sooner, no one told me about you and what you do… It was only because I was looking for help on the internet and I came across your website. Why don’t the police and social services know about you? things have been so much better for me and my daughter since we’ve been coming here. My daughters in the girl’s group and I come to the parent’s group it’s perfect and we learn together…’ Mum attended a Parent Group 2015.
In Suffolk and Norfolk, the Police, social services, the SARC’s, education, GP’s, CAMHS and victim support services all know about the work of Fresh Start new beginnings… but if no one tells you, pick up the phone or email us and we will help get a referral sorted.

‘Despite not feeling I can cope with what my family is going through or have any control I do feel that I have learned to have the tools/skills required to do so when my current situation becomes less anxious. I have a much clearer understanding of what my child is going through and what the effects of her abuse have had on her’. Mum who attended a Parent Group 2015