Young People’s Groups

For some young people group work is an important part of their treatment programme.

Group work runs termly and are currently being delivered in Ipswich and Norwich.

Q: Who will be invited?

A: Other young people of a similar age, who have had a similar experience to you.

Q: How many people will be in the group?

A: There are usually around 5 or 6 other people, sometimes more and sometimes less but there will never be more than 8.

Q: Will I be made to tell what happened to me?

A: No. We do not need to know the details of what happened to you. We will however talk about the feelings it left you with.

Q: Who will be running the group?

A: The group will be run by two members of the Fresh Start new beginnings team (one of whom you will have met and had an individual session with).

Q: What is the purpose of the group?

A: The purpose of the group is to provide you with support, information, help and to show you are not alone in what you’re going through.

Q: What happens if I have to take time off school/College?

A: Sessions at Fresh Start new beginnings can be counted as medical appointments. We are happy to help you with any letters that are needed, and we will provide you with an appointment card.

Q: What is likely to happen at the group?

A: At the very first meeting, we will be discussing what you want to get from the group and how the group will run.

Q: Will the groups have both boys and girls in them?

A: No, they are usually run as girls groups or boys groups. If we needed to change this for any reason, we would ask you first.

Q: What does the course include?

A: The course will include topics such as: - Understanding the 'tricks' abusers use (grooming) - Why do you feel as you do - Why you are behaving as you are - How you can think and feel differently - How to help you feel more positive about yourself - How to keep yourself safer in the future - How you can move into a happier and healthier future

Q: What should I do before I attend?

A: Before attending one of these courses you must be referred by a professional such as a doctor, health visitor, school, police, or social worker. If they require a referral form they can get one from the website or by email. We will do a family assessment with you to ensure that the group is suitable for you.

Q: How can I join a group?

A: If there is a suitable group for you your specialist worker will invite you to join it.