The North Pole Challenge

Where: Virtual

When: 15th November 2021

The North Pole Challenge

Get on your bike and help us raise funds, which begins November 15th with cycling clubs and spin classes at gyms participating in a challenge to cycle the distance from Ipswich to The North Pole: 2,621 miles.

Nominate the number of cyclists in your team, starting 15th November they combine their miles over the 3 weeks to reach the distance to the North Pole.

Each Gym/Club target to raise at least £262 either from individual sponsorship or from gym entry fee or more… AND to report to us their progress each Friday from 19th Nov so we can track a leader board.

Participants will also need to track their own progress against the goal and report back on December 4th by sending an email with the details to

Upon registration, we will email you a sponsor form, or please do set up your own fundraising webpage.