MyRuby Skydiving for a Good Cause

14th September 2016


On Saturday 27th August 2016, two members of the MyRuby team grew their wings. April Whitear, Reception Specialist and Verity Wilford, Medical Ruby, both put themselves forward to make a 15,000ft Skydive raising money for the company’s chosen charity Fresh Start – New Beginnings and after months of fundraising for this event, they have finally taken the jump! Here is their review of their eventful day:

At UK Parachuting in Beccles, we met at the venue for 12pm where there was a mix of excitement, anticipation and of course; nerves! Both April and Verity had smiles on their faces whilst being geared up in the most attractive overalls and helmet and waiting for it to be their turn. There was a fantastic atmosphere at the venue with many people cheering on their friends and family and we would look up to the sky and see many colourful dots gliding down from the sky (some were even Skydiving alone and we assume these were professionals!). April and Verity had a slightly longer wait as their plane was the last of the day to take to the sky. They both still had very big smiles on their faces until they began to walk to the plane and April let out a very nervous laugh. From this point, we could only watch on and wait for them below and of course, we took some group photos in the meantime!

For anyone who has never Skydived before, the plane did not have a door! April, Verity and their two tandem instructors had to cross over each other’s legs whilst the plane began to lift off. April and Verity both said they had to close their eyes and take a moment as they realised there was only one way they were going to get down.

It wasn’t long before we saw the colourful dots falling from the sky again and this time Verity and April were two of them! It was extremely hard to tell who was who from above and we managed to clap and cheer every parachuters before we managed to clap and cheer for our two brave Ruby’s. I have never seen such happy faces before! They were both smiling from ear to ear and definitely looked like they had enjoyed the Skydive. Verity also managed to land in the cabbage field (sorry Mr Farmer)!

April and Verity have both left comments about the Skydive and how pleased they were to do this for such a wonderful charity! April said, “The tandem Skydive has to be one of the best experiences of my life. I have faced and conquered a fear and in the process helped an amazing charity that provide so much support and care for children and their families”. Verity added, “The most memorable experience of my life which was made even more worthwhile by supporting a great charity!”.

Our Director, Natalie Perillo, said about the Skydive and charity itself “I am so pleased with MyRuby’s fundraising success, raising a huge total of £1400 for Fresh Start – New Beginnings. I hope this will help them to keep supporting children and young people to overcome their trauma and confusion and teach them to identify their strengths and potential. MyRuby is extremely proud to have supported Fresh Start – New Beginnings and may they continue to grow as a charity!”